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Noal Curley

Noal Curley began working in healthcare staffing in 1997 as a recruiter for a national firm in Omaha, NE. Quickly transitioning into ownership by 1999, Noal has held positions ranging from recruiter to national VP to CEO, where his past experience has provided him with unique insight into a wide variety of organizational protocols. The inner workings of many of the larger healthcare recruitment organizations were similar: lethargic and corporate. It became clear to Noal that large corporate staffing entities do not provide the type of positive support that traveling healthcare professionals need.

Voyage Healthcare was created to fill a gap in the industry, where people are supported and healthcare professionals can advance their careers, all while constantly maintaining quality patient care. 

“As an owner/executive of Voyage, my philosophy has always been simple. Provide a quality service, utilizing the most advanced technology, to offer healthcare professionals the most unique and generously compensated opportunities available. I believe that all Voyage employees should receive excellent health insurance and a fully matched retirement plan as part of a comprehensive compensation package that is unmatched in the industry. For 20 years, I have operated my staffing companies where we follow these simple principles, and I sincerely hope your experience with Voyage is superb. 100% customer satisfaction is our only acceptable result.

My door (or phone) is always open, and I enjoy discussing Voyage, or the healthcare staffing industry, whenever possible. Though the demands of being CEO absorb much of my time, I still manage an active desk of travelers and am lucky enough to be able to help healthcare professionals advance their careers every day. If you would like to talk about managing your career, I look forward to speaking with you at any time.”