A Constantly Evolving Approach to Recruitment.

These days, if you need to find top travel healthcare professionals to fill your needs, you have to do more than post a newspaper ad or conduct a quick internet search. In fact, the market is so under saturated with the professionals you need that the methods once considered easy and convenient are now more bothersome than ever. And, if you actually can find the time and resources to conduct your own hiring searches, how are you going to find the candidates in today's market?
That's why, at Voyage Healthcare, we spend all day, everyday searching and screening the professionals you need. And we connect this talent with companies like yours. We look for exceptional character as well as expert credentials to help make your job of finding the right candidate much easier.
The Voyage Healthcare offices are managed by professionals with over 25 years of combined industry specific experience, accompanied with cutting edge technology and sophisticated recruitment processes that greatly improve our rate of success. We use our knowledge of the healthcare industry to give our clients the most qualified candidates possible.

How We do it.

Constant Recruiting. Unlike many the healthcare facilities we represent, we are able to recruit all the time. It's all we do. With dedicated recruitment professionals interviewing candidates hundreds of times every day, our pool of qualified professionals grows significantly every hour. And that is just the humans who work for us. Our computer systems are continually generating qualified leads 24 hours per day, helping us to give our clients multiple options for their open positions, as well as to improve our database of healthcare professionals.
Having the Best Staffing Professionals. Every employee at Voyage goes through a rigorous training program focused specifically on healthcare recruitment. Because of this training, our staff understands exactly what our clients are looking for, and they also know where to go to find results.
The Voyage Healthcare team will...
  • Qualify specific skills to match employer needs
  • Assist employers in identifying key features and benefits for attracting candidates
  • Assure all necessary documentation and records are collected
  • Identify salary trends and offer tips on hiring, interviewing and retaining great professionals
  • Post your position to hundreds of different job boards and social media sites for the greatest amount of visibility possible
  • Partner with multiple agencies and private recruitment consultants to access a secondary pool of qualified candidates
Specialty Areas:
  • Rehab
  • Nursing
  • Respiratory
  • Diagnostic Imaging
Assure Quality and Compliance. We maintain the highest quality standards and assure that JCAHO requirements are satisfied on every placement. During our last review, we were complimented on how well our records were organized – and the review team certainly sees many different levels of organization!
Our technology requires that all required data be collected on every candidate prior to submission to any job opening. If anything is missing, the system flags the item and halts the submission until the missing information has been collected. Every quarter, we review our systems and determine where we can improve and implement changes to make our processes more and more efficient.
Please contact us today and discover the Voyage difference when it comes to Healthcare Staffing.