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Is Your Travel Nurse Recruiter Going the Extra Mile?

July 18, 2022
by Voyage Healthcare

Feeling lost? From managing new job opportunities to getting to know a new city, there’s a lot for travel nurses to take care of. That’s why at Voyage, we know travel nurse recruiters have to wear many hats to best take care of their nurses. If you’re a travel nurse and are feeling disconnected, you may want to ask yourself if your recruiter is going the extra mile. Here are a few of the ways recruiters are supporting traveling health professionals at Voyage.

Matching Your Energy

Are you ready to make a change or are just feeling the waters? Are you excited about a new adventure, or need some reassurance? Travel nurse recruiters at Voyage are experts at shifting their approach to meet nurses where they are in the process—whether it’s eagerly finding new opportunities or giving an easy-to-digest view of what’s out there.

Offering Support

Offering support is one the greatest benefits of working with a recruiter. But too much information is…well, just too much. Your recruiter should be nimble in knowing how much support, details and information to provide and when. We’re not here to overwhelm, we’re here to help!

Bringing the Expertise

The best recruiters bring their expertise to the table for every nurse they work with. Many of our recruiters have worked for years with health groups across the country and have gotten to know where traveling health professionals best succeed. They can help you determine which hospitals are sure fire choices and those that may not be supportive to travel nurses. Their experience is priceless in making sure you find the career perfect for your goals.

Building a Relationship

Voyage recruiters take time to build relationships with the nurses they support. We get to know your goals and aspirations but also your family and what you’re into. Why? Because finding the right career means fitting all those pieces together. We’re here to support you through your questions and be your cheerleader for every celebration.

Voyage Healthcare recruiters walk next to their traveling health professionals every step of the way. With an advocate in your corner, there’s nothing our travel nurses can’t accomplish. Are you interested in starting a new career as a travelling health professional? With Voyage Healthcare, our recruiters set you up for success. We help simplify the process, from signing to starting. Learn more about how we help travel nurses find the careers of their dreams at