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The 5 Nurses You Meet on the Night Shift

June 13, 2018
by Voyage Healthcare

Being a nurse involves careful decision and fast paced action to navigate a minefield of patient demands and evolving task obligations. Working on the night shift in a hospital brings a whole new monster to the table when these five nurses join you on the floor.

The Caffeinator

Every time you catch a glimpse of this nurse she’s downing another coffee or energy drink. Their handwriting becomes almost illegible from caffeine shakes and they have developed an eye-twitching problem. The Caffeinator stays one drink away from cardiac arrest just to function at a normal pace at night.

The Night Owl

Completely unphased by the late hours of the night shift as if they actually are nocturnal. The Night Owl nurse comes alive at night and walks with an energy and confidence like an animal on the hunt. It has you so suspicious that you make a note to check how many blood bags are before you leave.

The Time Keeper

“What time is it now?” This nurse is anticipating their shift ending like a dog waiting for scraps to fall from the dinner table. The Time Keeper will let you know every time you get another hour closer to clocking out. When shifts change they’re the first person out the door and on their way home to hop into bed.

The Cold Front

That extra sweater you bring with you is for when this nurse enters the room because the temperature seems to drop. The dark could isn’t here to socialize excessively, they’re here to get their job done and get out, and it shows. No smiles and a glare that could cut steel, this nurse is in no mood for games so you better have a quick answer or they’re moving on right past you.

The Midnight Snacker

Need a quick pick me up? You can count on this nurse to have the goods. The Midnight Snacker has an assortment of sweets and treats ready to get them through the night. Their locker looks more like a convenience store. You might find yourself having to pick up a few stray candy wrapper that have fallen from their pockets throughout the night.