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The Best Pay and Opportunities for Travel Nurses

August 3, 2022
by Voyage Healthcare

For travel nurses and travel health professionals, knowing the ins and outs of how to get the best pay and best opportunity out of a contract takes research, preparation and asking the right questions. Luckily at Voyage, our travel nurses have their recruiter in their cheering corner, handling all the heavy lifting to ensure their nurses get the contract that’s right for them. What are the key elements for getting the most out of a contract? Our recruiters have the answers.

Decide on a Shift
From three twelve-hour shifts to five eight-hour shifts to four ten-hour shifts, there’s a lot to consider when determining the contract that’s right for you. Maybe you want block scheduling and three tens so you can travel back home on your days off? Maybe your not comfortable working on your feet for twelve hours and prefer five eights? Or maybe you’re interested in working overtime which is only available to nurses working three twelves? Voyage recruiters work beside travel nurses to determine the pros and cons of each shift choice.

Understand the Requirements
Contracts can be complex, that’s why our recruiters help travel nurses understand certification requirements, schedules, pay and more. We’ll ask the right questions so there’s no surprises down the road.

Know the Facility
One of the great benefits of working with a Voyage recruiter is our experience. We’ve helped countless nurses find the fit that’s right for them and that means we’ve worked with health facilities across the country. We ask our nurses what they liked about their contract and what they didn’t so we can better understand which facilities are the most supportive to travel nurses.

Set Your Goals
Knowing where you want to go and what you want to do is important! Your recruiter will help you hone-in on what you want and what opportunities will help you get there. Whether you want a block schedule, more pay, night shifts or overtime opportunities, we’ve got you covered.

Housing, Location and Pay
Understanding how housing, location and pay all work together is essential for travel nurses. Luckily, our recruiters have all the details covered. Pay might be fantastic in Key West, Florida, but it just happens to have one of the most expensive housing markets around. Maybe you want to live in the mountains and an opportunity pops up in Aspen, Colorado. Your recruiter will let you the ski town has an expensive housing market, even in the off-season, and might suggest an opportunity in Boulder, where housing is cheaper, and the mountains are only an hour away.

Recruiters support travel nurses in all kinds of way to ensure they’re finding the fit that’s best for them. Unlike at many travel nurse organizations, Voyage Healthcare recruiters take the time to get to know you and your goals to ensure you find the fit that’s best for you. We’re not about high-pressure. We’re all about high success.

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