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The Fundamentals of Building a Career in Nursing

December 23, 2022
by Voyage Healthcare

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If you’re a caring person looking for a change of pace, you might consider nursing. A career in nursing can be both rewarding and challenging on multiple levels. However, if you’re considering nursing, it’s essential to be aware of the benefits and potential business ideas worth pursuing. Today, Voyage Solutions provides an overview of public health and community nursing, as well as a few tried-and-true tips for setting yourself up for success!


Public Health Nursing vs. Community Health Nursing

Public health nurses work to promote and protect the health of populations. They do this by providing direct care to individuals and families in addition to designing and implementing community-wide programs. Some programs that public health nurses may be involved in include immunization initiatives, wellness screenings, and education campaigns.

Community health nurses focus on providing care to those who are underserved or have difficulty accessing care. This might include working in rural areas, inner cities, or with immigrant populations. Community health nurses often work in clinics, but they may also provide home visits or perform case management services.


Benefits of Nursing

There are many reasons people choose to pursue a career in nursing, such as:

  • Being able to make a difference in people’s lives: You can help some people recover from injury or illness while helping others manage their daily symptoms and achieve a higher quality of life.
  • Having a flexible schedule: You can often choose your work hours and how many days per week you work.
  • Working in various settings: You can work in a hospital, doctor’s office, nursing home, or other health care facility.
  • Being able to advance your career: With experience, you can pursue leadership positions or specialize in a particular area of nursing.
  • Having a wide range of job opportunities: In addition to traditional nursing roles, there are many non-clinical positions available in the field of nursing, such as teaching, research, and administration.
  • Enjoying good job security: Nursing is a stable profession with a high demand for qualified nurses.


Business Ideas for Nurses

If you’re a nurse interested in starting your own business, you have many options to consider. Here are some business ideas that continue to increase in demand:

  • Home health care agency
  • Wellness center
  • Traveling nurse agency
  • Legal consultant for nurses
  • Continuing education courses for nurses
  • Freelance writing or blogging
  • Nutrition/fitness coaching

Keep in mind that starting a business is no easy task. It will require you to juggle many other responsibilities outside of nursing itself. But it can lead to a thoroughly rewarding and lucrative career if you commit to the work!


Quick Tips for Success

If you’re pursuing a career in public health nursing or community health nursing, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for success:

  • Take advantage of networking opportunities.
  • Keep up with industry news and trends.
  • Pursue continuing education opportunities.
  • Get involved in professional organizations.
  • Consider earning a specialty certification.
  • Constantly build your professional network.
  • Maintain relationships with supportive people in your life.
  • Practice regular self-care to avoid burnout.


Whether you’re already working as a nurse or just beginning your journey, pursuing a career in public health nursing or community health nursing can be challenging and fulfilling. There are many benefits to this type of work, including the ability to make a difference in people’s lives, having a flexible schedule, enjoying good job security, and more.

If you’re interested in starting your own business, there are many different paths to consider. No matter what role you choose to take on, pursuing continuing education opportunities can go a long way in helping you excel in the field. With the right preparation and mindset, you can set yourself up for long-term success as a nurse.


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