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Top 3 Travel Nurse Housing Websites for 2023

April 11, 2023
by Voyage Healthcare

The demand for travel nursing is on the rise, which means finding suitable housing for your temporary stay is more important than ever. To ensure a comfortable and safe stay, we’ve researched and compiled a list of the three best travel nurse housing websites available in 2023.

1. FurnishFinder |

Furnished Finder is a highly recommended website that specializes in finding short-term housing for travel nurses and other healthcare professionals. With over 150,000 fully furnished properties nationwide, this site offers travelers the ability to rent by the month without commissions or booking fees.

One of the most valuable features of Furnished Finder is its travel nurse stipend calculator, which provides average rents and other useful information to help you estimate your housing costs before beginning a new assignment. Additionally, all property owners must pass a background check before posting a listing to ensure traveler safety.

Pros of Furnished Finder:

  • No fees to browse listings
  • Direct booking with property owners/managers eliminates extra costs
  • Android and iOS apps available for easier booking

Cons of Furnished Finder:

  • Accuracy of listings is not verified
  • User interface isn’t completely intuitive

2. Extended Stay |

America Extended Stay America is a hotel chain that specializes in providing accommodations for several weeks or months at a time, making it a great option for travel nurses and other medical professionals. Pets are welcome, and parking is free and readily available.

One of the best reasons to use Extended Stay America to book your travel housing is the 10% discount it offers to healthcare professionals. Additionally, the chain provides additional perks through a loyalty program for stays over 30 days. Depending on your chosen location, you may have access to housekeeping services, continental breakfast, afternoon refreshments or other amenities.

Pros of Extended Stay America:

  • Access to WiFi, gyms, pools, spas, and other perks
  • Instant online booking with a secure payment portal
  • All locations are pet-friendly

Cons of Extended Stay America:

  • Hotel rooms don’t offer the same level of privacy as individual apartments or homes
  • Hotel chains currently only available in 45 states

3. Short Term Housing | specializes in 30-day corporate housing rentals for traveling professionals, including healthcare workers. With more than 30,000 rentals in over 6,000 cities nationwide, the site offers a wide variety of options to fit any budget.

One of the most significant advantages of is the ability to work with a rental expert to find listings near major medical centers, which can make your commute more convenient. Users can browse properties by city or submit a housing request to get started.

Pros of

  • Every rental includes utilities and furnishings
  • Listings near major medical centers
  • Specializes in corporate housing rentals

Cons of

  • Must connect with one of the site’s rental experts because you can’t book a rental yourself
  • Rental request forms take extra time to complete due to several questions about your budget and housing preferences

Tips for Making Housing Arrangements

To make your travel nursing experience as smooth and stress-free as possible, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you make housing arrangements:

  1. Understand the costs of the travel nurse rentals you’re comparing, including additional fees above rent and deposits.
  2. Always research the area you’re traveling to before committing to a rental to make sure it’s a safe and convenient location.
  3. Ask your travel nursing agency if they have any partnerships or discounts with housing providers to save money.
  4. Reach out to other travel nurses in your network to see if they have any housing recommendations.
  5. Watch out for rental scams and red flags, such as paying with cryptocurrency or a wire transfer, the property owner asking for payment to an overseas account, and not being able to access photos or videos of the rental.

Resources for Travel Nurses

To make your travel nursing experience even easier, here are some additional resources to consider:

  1. Voyage Healthcare: Access thousands of job listings across the nation, transparent salary information, helpful articles aimed at travel nursing professionals, and the ability to create a universal profile and apply for multiple jobs with one application.
  2. Zumper: Offers rent research reports for hundreds of cities, making it easier to estimate your potential travel costs.
  3. Rakuten: Some companies, including Vrbo and Extended Stay America, offer cash back when you book online through Rakuten, but you must sign up before booking.
  4. Medscape – provides access to medical news, drug information, and clinical tools for nurses and other healthcare professionals.
  5. Epocrates – offers drug information, medical calculators, and clinical reference materials that can be used by nurses and other healthcare providers.
  6. UpToDate – provides access to evidence-based clinical information on a wide range of medical topics that can be helpful for travel nurses.
  7. Skyscanner – helps travel nurses find the best flights, hotels, and car rentals for their travel assignments.
  8. GasBuddy – helps travel nurses find the cheapest gas prices in the areas they’re traveling to.
  9. TripIt – organizes travel itineraries and keeps travel plans in one place.
  10. Google Maps – provides detailed maps, driving directions, and real-time traffic updates that can be helpful for travel nurses.

In conclusion, there are various housing options for travel nurses, ranging from hotels to vacation rentals. Each option has its pros and cons, and it’s crucial to consider factors such as location, price, safety, and convenience before making a decision. Furnished Finder,, and Extended Stay America are three of the best housing sites for travel nurses. Furnished Finder specializes in short-term housing for healthcare professionals and offers fully furnished properties nationwide. provides 30-day corporate housing rentals and has a rental expert who can help you find listings near major medical centers. Extended Stay America offers hotel accommodations for several weeks or months at a time and offers discounts for healthcare professionals. Overall, with proper research and planning, travel nurses can find comfortable and safe housing that meets their needs and budget.


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