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Top Benefits for Travel Nurses

March 17, 2022
by Jeff Johnson, Director of Sales, Voyage Healthcare and Brooks McKenna, Senior Recruiter, Voyage Healthcare

Compassionate and driven, Voyage Healthcare supports travel nurses in making their career aspirations come true. Travel nurses and nurse practitioners have all the benefits of a budding (or veteran!) healthcare career with an abundance of support in their corner. Here are some of the incredible benefits of being a travel nurse and why, at Voyage Healthcare, we *heart* our nurses! 

  1. Relationship Building
    Our recruiters continuously say “relationships” are one of the best parts of their job. Traveling nurses work with recruiters who act much like agents to help them find jobs and accomplish career goals. More than a job, recruiters build close relationships with their nurses and are available 24-hours a day with answers to questions or offer support. We’re here for the challenges and the celebrations. 
  2. Tailor-Fit Careers 
    Whether you want to work in a specific city or specialty, or are looking for more pay or added flexibility in your schedule, traveling nurses have the incredible benefit of tailor-fitting their careers to their professional and personal goals. While most hospitals will fit nurses into open positions, traveling nurse recruiters will take the time to learn about what you want your career to look like and help you find the position that’s perfect for you. The relationships we build help us do just that. You don’t have to fit your career into a box. Traveling nurses can paint their own picture of what they want their professional life to look like. 
  3. Resume Boosters
    As recruiters, our job is to match traveling nurses to open positions in hospitals and clinics. The benefit? Nurses get to try their hands at all kinds of opportunities they may not have thought of before. Maybe you’re hired for med. surg. but an opportunity pops up to float to the ER for a few months. You might love it in the ER or decide it’s not quite right. With short-term float pools and a recruiter by your side, traveling nurses can gain experience and boost resumes while honing in on the specialty that’s the best fit.
  4. Support in Your Corner
    For nurses and nurse practitioners, the options for employment are endless and it can be overwhelming to navigate the immense opportunities available. For traveling nurses, the road isn’t traveled alone. Travel nurses always have our team in their corner. With support on your side, the job search can be less overwhelming and a lot more fun. 

The sky is the limit on opportunities for traveling nurses. From close relationships with recruiters to a variety of experiences and training, and tailor-fit careers that optimize personal and professional aspirations, traveling nursing is an incredible opportunity. Here at Voyage Healthcare, our traveling nurses become more than an assignment. We get to know the aspirations of every caregiver we serve and help them achieve the job of their dreams. Because at the end of the day, we love our nurses! 

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