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Top Pros and Cons of Travel Nursing

October 15, 2018
by Voyage Healthcare

If you are considering travel nursing there is much to consider before signing your first contract. Here are a few of the big pros and cons we have put together for you to consider.


Make More $$$

Starting off with the number one reason people get interested in travel nursing… MONEY! Travel nurses fill positions in hospitals that are difficult to fill with permanent staff and because of this they are willing to pay more for you to come work for them. Typically travel nurses make up to 20% more than non-travel nurses. As a travel nurse working more than 50 miles from home you have the opportunity to make tax free earning as well as stipends for housing or other travel costs.

New Environment

New atmosphere, people, learning experiences. Travel nursing doesn’t just expand your career choices, it expands your world. Travel gives you the ability to explore new places and new people while also benefiting for new learning experiences in the workplace. To most employers, jumping around different jobs would be frowned on but with travel nursing, employers prefer nurses who have experience with multiple facilities.

Allows Flexibility

There are endless options with travel nursing. As a traveler you have control over when and where you are willing to work. If you enjoy one specific facility you can find options for extensions or even transition into permanent employment. If you find yourself ready to move along when your contract ends you have the freedom to return to your home facility or travel somewhere new again. The flexibility of being a travel nurse allows you to get the most out of your healthcare career.



This is something many nurses dread but the reality of travel nursing is you are there to fill in the holes where the hospital needs you. Not every traveling position will require floating but it is something to consider.

Leaving home

Not a con for all but an issue some people have with travel nursing IS TRAVELING. Now there are many different kinds of travels. One travel nursing option is to travel local with 50 miles of home, which causes few changes to your normal life but does not give the benefit of the financial gain from traveling over 50 miles. Travelers going in that 50 to 150 miles radius have to drive a longer distance to work or find housing for the days they are working. Travelers open to an entire state or even multiple states have to completely relocate for the time of their contract. All of these situation involve sorting out belongs to bring as well as handling any challenges having significant others, children, or pets may have on your ability to travel.

Adapting to Change

Adapting to new atmosphere. This is another one that could go both ways. It’s exciting to be in a new place with new people but it can also be stressful. In travel situations you have to adapt to new situation frequently like who are the new people you are working with and learning your way around the facility.

These pros and cons do not fully encompass what it is to be a traveling nurse but hopefully it opened you up to some of the possible benefits as well as other things to consider.