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How Travel Nurses Can Maximize Their Professional Networks

February 22, 2024
by David Smith

In travel healthcare, nurses acknowledge the importance of cultivating a strong professional network to effectively navigate the challenges and opportunities inherent to their roles. With the unique opportunities presented by each assignment, the ability to forge and maintain meaningful interpersonal relationships in the workplace becomes a fundamental component of a successful career. Voyage Healthcare, a leading staffing agency in the travel nursing industry, understands the importance of networking and offers support to nurses seeking to expand their professional circles. This guide explores effective strategies for travel nurses to build their networks—utilizing both the transitory nature of their roles and the support from agencies like Voyage.

Expanding Horizons: How Travel Nurses Can Maximize Their Networks and Opportunities with Voyage

The dynamic field of travel nursing offers significant opportunities for nurses to grow their professional networks across diverse settings and regions. Each assignment brings new faces, new challenges, and new learning opportunities. Voyage plays a pivotal role in this journey. Not only does our team connect nurses with assignments that fit their skills and preferences, but Voyage also strongly encourages networking opportunities that can advance their careers long-term. Here are a couple of strategies Caregivers can use to maximize their network and optimize their experience:

1. Embrace Each Assignment as a Networking Opportunity

Every new location and healthcare facility is a chance to meet and learn from new colleagues. Engage with your peers, participate in facility events, and show genuine interest in the local community.

2. Harness the Power of Social Media and Professional Platforms

Create a compelling profile on platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, or TikTok. Consider joining professional forums, social media pages, and Facebook groups. Utilize online platforms to share your experiences and insights with others in your field. LinkedIn is a great place to build a professional persona and forge lasting connections. This can be an invaluable way to establish your presence in the global travel nursing community.

3. Participate in Professional Nursing Organizations and Conferences

Being active in professional nursing organizations and attending nursing conferences can significantly broaden your network. These experiences offer valuable opportunities for mentorship, collaboration, and learning from industry leaders. These events are great opportunities for collaboration and sharing knowledge. TravCon, one of the biggest gatherings for traveling healthcare professionals in the US, happens every year in September in Las Vegas. It’s a fantastic spot for travel nurses to network. Plus, there are yearly conferences hosted by hospital associations in each state, offering chances for continued education.

4. Keep Connections Alive Post-Assignment

A fundamental part of being a transient worker is maintaining connections after an assignment ends. Regular and intentional contact via emails, social media, or networking events can help you maintain friendships or nurture opportunities for future employment.

5. Engage in Mentorship

Seek out mentors for guidance and support and as you gain experience, consider offering mentorship to less experienced newcomers. This reciprocity can significantly enhance your working experience and have a long-lasting impression on the individuals you impact. The intimacy of a mentoring relationship can help to influence the next generation of health care and build on your legacy in the industry.

6. Share Your Stories and Experiences

Your unique journey as a travel nurse has value. Sharing your stories through blogging, vlogging, or speaking engagements can connect you with others in the industry and establish you as a dependable recourse for others in the community.

7. Leverage Local and Online Nursing Communities

Joining local nursing groups or engaging in online forums (such as Reddit and Discord) that cater to your specific areas of expertise offers a valuable avenue for sharing unique experiences. These communities can serve as a space to seek out advice that is unique to your specialty. Utilize this as a tool to ensure you are keeping up to date on current industry trends and opportunities.

8. Have Fun!

Fun at work is essential for employee well-being and overall job satisfaction. Being a nurse is stressful enough, your roles are crucial for providing compassionate care, supporting patients’ well-being and saving lives every day.  When you aren’t working, make sure you make time for yourself and lean on the Healthcare community. Have a little fun! 😉

Ready to Start Your Travel Career and Build Your Network?

Voyage Healthcare is here to support and guide you through your career journey. Travel nurses are well-positioned to confidently navigate the complexities of the profession, build genuine lasting connections within the industry, and take on any opportunity that presents itself. Strategic networking allows travel nurses to advance their careers and contribute to a community of remarkable healthcare professionals.

Ready to grow your travel nursing network and find your next placement? Don’t hesitate to call us at 800-798-6035 or send a message to for personalized assistance. Submit your application on our website at, and one of our dedicated recruiters will get in touch with you shortly. Join us on your path to success in the travel nursing industry. Contact us today and let’s get started!

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