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Applicants for this position must have at least 2 years of experience in a hospital setting as a Medical Surgical-Telemetry RN.
Voyage is seeking an RN-Registered Nurse who has a Medical Surgical-Telemetry RN specialization and is able to go to Bangor, Maine. This job requires the job seeker temporarily relocate as the job is not local - salary for this position will account for travel expenses and be quite a bit more than a local Nursing assignment. We are looking for an experienced nurse who can begin work quickly. This will require an applicant to start our online application immediately. Please click the apply button to commence at once. We are sure that you will find the Voyage process to be the most organized and professional process in the industry.

This opportunity may also be a very good fit for people looking for a job in the vicinity of Ellsworth, Old Town, Orono, Brewer and Hampden.

Travelers can experience an adaptable schedule, freedom to select from a number of positions and adventure. Travel nurses can choose their job location and hospital, and they secure a chance to work in exotic locations at prestigious hospitals. This freedom of choice is very important today, with more people citing quality of life as their most important priority. To a large extent, travel nurses have the ability to be in control of their schedule. A large number of our travelers have been employed in travel nursing in excess of 10 years and intend to continue traveling for quite some time.

If you are a medical professional who is looking for a fantastic salary, choices in your schedule, and exciting locations then a travel career may be suitable for you. What must you do to begin a travel nurse career?

Prepare For The Various Process Steps

Before commencing with your first travel assignment several preparation is needed. Ensure that your RN license is up to date along with your immunization and health records. You should have a resume that shows your recent nursing experience and skills, along with your references and their contact information.

After you have collaborated with your recruiter to find several jobs you have an interest in you should be prepared for a telephone or Skype interview with your employers of interest. During the interview, you should inquire about things of importance to you like scheduling, patient to nurse ratios, required skills, and so forth.

State Licensing Prerequisites

Acquiring your state RN license for an individual state may begin before you have found an assignment. If there is a state that you have a desire to work in, you may start the licensing procedure apriori. Several states take up to two months to process, such as, New York, New Jersey, and California. Other states my process your application very rapidly, typically within a week or less. Many other states will rapidly process RN license applications, often in a few days.

There are a number of states where you can secure your RN license in one day, simply by showing up at the state nursing board directly.

The licensing procedure will be straightforward if you are from a state that has joined the 25 state RN Licensure Compact. This gives nurses the ability to work in any state that is a member of the Compact. Your recruiter will give you a hand in obtaining a license in your chosen state. There are specialists who know a lot about RN licensing procedures who will help you.

Your Area Of Expertise

Each medical center has its own policy, but in most instances you necessitate a year or more of solid experience in your area of specialization to be considered.

Even though prerequisites vary between facilities, you can start to apply for travel positions once you have a year of continuous experience.

Keep in mind that several specializations, such as Cardiac ICU and Psychiatry may require greater than two years of experience.


Coupled with your skills and experience it is important that you have the ability to be flexible. This is surely a crucial requirement to be a successful traveler.

It's vital to be open to differing operating procedures, new locations, and facilities and to be flexible so you can incorporate new skills and concepts into your clinical skill set.

Your initial selection for an assignment might have been in Florida, but you should be open to assignments in other locations that may be a fantastic fit for your skill set. Many assignments have a length of thirteen weeks, so you can always attempt a different location after the assignment is finished.

Professional References

A vital portion of your application is your set of clinical references, and you should make certain they are readily available prior to the time you apply for a job. References are needed to confirm your clinical skills, in most cases three references will be sufficient.

In most instances a travel nurse will have to fill out a checklist of skills in commensurate with their specialty.

After your references and skills set have been addresses we can start to discover jobs that match your requirements. When you have decided to accept a job we will help you complete any added paper work such as immunizations and drug testing.

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