Travel Nursing Housing: Agency Placed Housing vs. Stipend

For many travel nurses, housing can be one of the most important aspects of a pay package . It’s the first thing they want details about after applying for a position and it can certainly be a deal breaker. But not all travel nurses are so concerned as long as they’re making money and have a place to sleep. That doesn’t change the fact that housing can make or break the overall experience of an assignment. Even if you spend most of your free time out exploring your new city...

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10 Best Apps for Travel Nurses

Travel nurses have a unique opportunity to be both avid travelers and still advance your career. For on-the-go nurses, there are several apps that can help solve some common problems you may have – from needing to get around a new city to budgeting and paying down student loans. Here are 10 of the best apps to help travel nurses save money, simplify their careers and have fun! 1. Waze Definitely one of the top apps for nurses who are constantly traveling to new locations and experie...

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5 Tips for Working Travel Nursing Night Shifts

Night shifts; also referred to as the graveyard shift. They are something that most medical professionals have to adapt to and as traveling medical professionals , it’s something you often face as the new kid on the floor. Here are some tips for making it through those long night shifts: 1. Adjusting Your Sleep Schedule Working the night shift means sleeping at different times of the day. These sleep tips will help you adjust your sleep schedule. Tip #1: The night before your night shift s...

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Tips for Reducing Stress at Your Travel Nursing Job

Being a nurse can be a stressful job. Traveling for work can also be stressful. So how can you better manage and reduce stress during your travel nursing assignment? Here are some easy to remember color codes and what you can do to de-stress: Green: Current deadlines or responsibilities of your job are causing stress. Take a break Go for a walk Chat with coworkers Stretch out If you feel yourself starting to get stressed, get up and move around. Have a friendly chat with a coworker, but no compl...

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5 Ways to Be Healthier While on a Travel Nursing Assignment

Even for people with more typical jobs, it’s not always easy to eat healthy. Throw in the fact that you’re a traveling healthcare professional, and eating healthy often takes a backseat to whatever is most convenient. Often times, the most convenient meal options for traveling nurses are cafeterias or restaurants. But these options can easily challenge your waistline and your overall health. Here are the top 3 reasons eating at restaurants or cafeterias is not so great for your healt...

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