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Brooks McKenna and the Role of a Travel Nurse Recruiter

July 11, 2022
by Voyage Healthcare

This week on our Travelers Tuesday social media video series, we sat down with Brooks McKenna, one of our great recruiters here at Voyage to discuss the role of a recruiter and his firsthand experience traveling around the world for his career. Enjoy!

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Brooks, why don’t you tell them a little bit about where you’re from.

I was born and raised in the Kissimmee-St. Cloud area, which is south of Orlando. Grew up by the beach, grew up playing golf, nothing but sports. I went to the University of Central Florida and have a degree in psychology.

What was life like for you right after college? Where did that take you?

I was very fortunate enough to meet the right people and got an opportunity in China to start a few golf academies out there, taking some time from Beijing to Seoul, South Korea. So, I was out there for about three years. Then I came back to the U.S. It was time for a change. Like most of us out there, I missed it.

How did you get to Voyage?

I’m extremely fortunate and lucky enough to be with Voyage. I was given the opportunity to start as an assistant recruiter and work my way up. I was blessed with a great mentor who taught me the work ethic—everything you can think of—he guided me, and he helped me out. I worked in our Orlando office initially and then was approached about an opportunity in Colorado. Done, flew out the next day. So that’s why I’m here.

Brooks, you were instrumental in getting this office up and to the level of success it’s at now. Tell us more about Colorado and what you’ve gained from being here.

Being in Colorado has gotten me on the right mindset and the path for life. As a recruiter, we work around the clock, being there for our nurses, everything. And being in Colorado, I fell in love with the mountains, the golf courses, and…my wife, Natalie. Work life balance is important, but I’ll never stop working for my nurses.

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